3 Top Weight Loss Tips

Guaranteed to improve your health!

Weight loss is a complicated subject which is often fuelled by emotion.
  • Where do I start?
  • All this information, what do I believe?
  • What if it doesn't work for me? 

Here are our 3 top tips that are guaranteed to improve your health - no matter who you are or what eating style you choose! They are the first steps you should take when you want to reduce your waist line!

Tip 1: Eat fresh, non processed foods

Firstly, what is a processed food? A processed food is something that has been significantly altered from it's natural state and then re-packaged and sold as a food item. For example, bread is a processed food, it doesn't look like wheat grains, bread doesn't grow on a bread tree or in the ground, and you can see that it has more than 4 ingredients listed on the packet. Other examples are store bought crackers, cakes and pre-made meals. An example of a food that comes packaged that would be OK to eat in moderation, would be coconut cream or canned tomatoes, these still resemble their natural form and (depending on the brand) have only 2 additives.

It's time to start reading labels, if you can't pronounce it, chances are you don't want to eat it!

The foods you should be eating are natural and contain good fats, proteins and carbohydrates - therefore offering your body more nutrition and life!

By eliminating processed foods you cut out loads of hidden sugars and additives. Sugars (these include the carbohydrates in breads, pasta, rice, wheat, cakes, chocolates, to name only a few) increase your blood sugar levels and increase insulin levels. When you consistently have insulin floating around your body you are unable to recognise that you are full (it inhibits your Leptin hormone) therefore are more likely to over eat, usually on more sugar based foods! In addition, because you have a good amount of sugar to burn off as energy, your body switches off it's fat burning hormones - therefore you can't burn those excess fat stores!

In fact, insulin is actually your fat storage hormone - ekk, so to keep this low, you need to reduce that sugar.

So what do you eat?
You need to eat fresh meats, fish and poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruit and dairy products (if they don't cause you health issues). Avoid packages 80% of the time! Every day you need to eat good sources of natural fats such as olive oil, avocados and coconut products - these taste good, keep you full and satisfied, plus are essential for your hormonal and brain health!

Tip 2: Sleep well every day

Sleep is the best supplement you could 'take'! Having 8 hours of good quality sleep will improve your energy, overall health including heart health, mental clarity, mental health, performance, weight loss, family relationships and much much more. If you think you are doing well on 5-6 hours a sleep a night, unless you are the picture of perfect health - you are simply fooling yourself.

sleep top
Studies show that dieters who slept well, lost more weight and craved less sugar!

Irregular or insufficient sleep will increase your cortisol levels, cortisol is one of your stress hormones. If you have increased cortisol, your body thinks you are stressed and all it thinks about is your survival - this means hanging on to any fat stores, just in case food becomes scarce. This is why good sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy body.

Improve you sleep by creating a familiar routine and going to bed at a regular time. Sleeping in a pitch black room and wearing ear plugs to block out noise. Improve the quality by putting down your phone, not watching TV or using the Internet AT LEAST an hour before you go to bed - these lights stimulate your brain and before bed, this isn't the opposite of what you want!

Listening to your body is key here, if you are sleepy - sleep. If you wake up for your early morning gym session and feel tired, make the right choice and STAY IN BED.

Tip 3: Reduce Stress

I can hear many of you saying now... 'I'm not stressed'. But here is my question to you - Do you work and look after a family? Do you go to the gym or run to lose weight? Do you always have your phone on just in case someone needs to get hold of you? Are you always cleaning up after people? Do you have something to do every day and every weekend? Do you have time just to sit and enjoy a cuppa or book?

Stress comes in many forms and this never ending 'to do list' is simply that - a stress for your mind and body. In today's busy world, the expectations placed on us are much higher than we would have had 50 years ago.

By actively reducing the stressors in your life, your body is able to relax that little bit more and not produce so much cortisol (that stress hormone is back!). Your health and quality of life will improve in MANY ways.

Your challenge is to work out what in your life can go - can you get someone to help you, can you say NO to someone or can you simply just not do something? What really has to be done and what can you turn off? Pick one thing and start there!


By eating real foods, sleeping more and reducing your stress - you will see significant health benefits. Over time, with some recovery, your body will heal and any excess fat that isn't needed can be reduced.

This is will make you happy!

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