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Wednesday, 01 October 2014

3 Top Muffins Recipes

Gluten, Dairy and Nut Free - Paleo Friendly

3 Top Muffins Recipes
When you need a quick snack or something for the kids lunch box, muffins are a great option. These days there are plenty of grain free, gluten, nut free options available on the internet.

Here are three of my favorite creations....

Friday, 01 August 2014

Banana Bread

Gluten, dairy and nut free

Banana Bread
This is so easy and quick to make! This banana bread will go down a treat with everyone from the children to the grandparents.

The recipe has a nut free and dairy free options, and they all taste good.

Friday, 07 July 2017

Homemade Bread Rolls

Gluten, nut and dairy free....

Homemade Bread Rolls

There is nothing like a crunchy bread roll to go with your winter soup or a decent homemade burger! Here is my simple bread roll recipe that can also been slightly altered to make burgers buns. 

They are gluten, nut and dairy free.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Paleo Bread Recipe

So simple to make, you will wonder why you haven't made it before....

Paleo Bread Recipe
One of the most requested recipes in the 'Paleo' world is that of bread. What always annoyed me about most recipes was that the used vast quantities of almond flour or butter, which made them very expensive. So I have created a bread recipe that was not only crazy simple to make but affordable.

This bread is gluten free, grain free and dairy free. Give it a go!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Paleo Chocolates

These little gems often make my day!  

They are a fantastic treat for you and your non-Paleo friends. No one will complain if you bring these out at a party! 

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