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Finally some answers to my health issues!

This is a long one, but the gratitude in me has to come out or I'll explode!! In the past 10 days I have received answers which western medicine has failed to give me regardless how much time and money I have spent on Dr's, treatments and medicine for more than 4 years. 

I have nearly wept with joy when I found out that I am intolerant to wheat/gluten, all dairy/lactose, soy, corn, raw and processed sugar to list a few. I have also just found out I have leaky gut which has made me go YAHOOOOO! Finally I know it's not just attention seeking, and i'm not a hypochondriac. This has also allowed me to stop beating myself up about constantly being tired, and needing a nap before bed time, and then again a few hours after getting up. Knowing its not my fault and its not all in my head is a great feeling. Also knowing that I can get better and its not in the too hard basket and (hopefully) finally having an answer. Thank you Sara!! Also, i've been prone to beating myself up over a few things the last few years, why am i so this, why am i so that, why cant I be like her, yesterday in Julia's yoga class she made us thank our bodies for being so amazing and the penny dropped. For all the things I think is wrong with my body, there's a billion things right with it, and things can be soooooooo much worse. My own personal 'habit' this week is to thank my body for being beautiful, amazing, strong etc every time a negative thought crops up or every time I look in the mirror. SELF LOVE is my major motto. Thank you to amazing women who make it their mission to make us all feel better about ourselves!"

Christel Hendriks - Christchurch.


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