Julie’s Kick Start Body Transformation

Julie’s Kick Start Body Transformation
Julie chose to do our Kickstart Program – we asked her to share her personal experiences…


28 September 2011

Weight – 67.5kg


9 May 2012

Weight – 62.3kg

Why I wanted to do the 4 week Nutrition Program…

I was at the point I had nothing to lose. I work long hours, and take little time to rest. I know I have irregular meal times and some bad habits of eating the wrong thing at the wrong time. I was aware of what I was getting into when I went into business over 2 years ago and that I would be working a lot, but with the stresses that all of Christchurch have faced, and my never ending workload I was starting to feel tired, grumpy and lacking energy.
I keep myself active, I always have. I believe I have a reasonable fitness level, but it wasn’t getting any better no matter how hard I work.I refuse to believe we slow down as we get older. I believe I can be stronger and fitter than I may ever have been.
What I fuel myself with is the area of some confusion for me. There are many different beliefs, but its finding what is right for you. I wanted to see if this could be right for me. I probably had some confidence in Sara because I meet her at CrossFit Christchurch and was enjoying the training.

I remember writing on my goal sheet firstly was energy. But it’s actually general well-being I want. I know more than anything health is the most important thing.

Week 1

I have to say this really is fairly easy and painless. I have not felt hungry or deprived of anything.

I have energy throughout the days and food is not on my mind.

The key for me seems to be organization. What food is readily available for me when I am working and not letting myself go for very long periods of time without food.

Meal plans are clear and easy to understand. The recipes and ideas Sara has given are simple to prepare and tasty.

Needing to drink more water and having a headache on and off throughout this first week is minimal, and I believe to be part of adjustment.

Week 2

Completed and it has been relatively easy.

The easy part is the meals are easy to eat because they are delicious, and the meal plans are so easy to follow. The hard part was discarding some foods I now don’t eat.
At first I was concerned how I afford to eat this well, But after the initial outlay it has become clear that it is not much different. I have not spent any money on extras during the day because my meals and snacks are planned, and I don’t get as hungry.

Yesterday was the first day I seemed to crave beer and bread. It was hot so I totally understand the beer craving. Behaved myself and stuck to the advised snacks.

I now feel confident that I could continue to make good food choices.

Week 3

I have stuck to the meal plans. If any variations have been made they are within the guidelines.
I had some time off work and went to Akaroa, so made the most of the local produce. Fresh Salmon and Barrys Bay cheese :-) I finally feel confident to make these variations to meal plans and I know as long as I eat at the right time, keep myself hydrated and have snacks available, I can avoid temptations that sit in cafes.
It has been nice to share the meals with others and I have had no complaints.

Week 4 – Final week

A super busy week for me. The key is organisation. I make sure I have the groceries and prepare enough food so I can have left overs.
Again I have stuck to meal plan. I had a breakthrough with all the family sharing one of the meals and no complaints. It was the kebabs night and I even got my 9 year old son to eat salad :-) This was such a great day for me!


The four week plan has been simple to follow and has a good variety of recipes. The energy levels have been consistent throughout the day, my tastes are changing to actually enjoy the taste of dairy foods such as milk and yogurt. The excessive thirst and headaches have gone.
I was concerned at the beginning that this would be expensive. I do have a shopping budget, and I did go over that in the first week with the set up. I have since realised I save on the daily extras, including coffees. It’s because I am organised. I have everything ready to go and I don’t need coffees to help pick me up.

Results in 29 days:

Lost 2kg and 27.5cms from waist, chest, hips, arms and legs!

Since finishing and being on my own I believe I am able to make good choices with my food, and wish to continue because of how delicious the food is, how good I feel and the results with my body!
I have been recycling some recipes, and have not had any cravings for such things as bread, pastry and rice. I have had a couple of sugar cravings and have controlled them with fruit.

I can see how summer will be easy with barbecues and salads. Really looking forward to it!

I am eating well, feeling and looking good :-)

Results in 6 months:

In the last 6 months I have stuck to the eating principles from the Simple Tasty Nutrition Plan and I am almost at my ideal weight of 60kg. I love the food and feel great. I will definitely continue this way of eating because it is easy to maintain and yummy.

Lost 5.2kg and 38.5cms!


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