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Thursday, 25 September 2014

10 Week Follow Up Challenge

Let's Make this a Lifestyle!

The amount of times we have heard the remark "I wish it was another 10 weeks" at the end of the challenge so that you can keep getting support is phenomenal. Based upon that alone, we have decided to create "Let's Make This a Lifestyle!" our 10 week follow up challenge! Anyone who has completed the first 10 Week Challenge is eligible to participate, and it's a good chance for you to continue the journey with fellow participants or maybe mix with other contestants.

Why would I want to do another 10 Weeks?

The aim of this 10 weeks is to reinforce all the good eating behaviours and habit you have created. BUT importantly, during this 10 weeks we will work on understanding why you choose to eat not so great foods and what you gain from doing so. When you understand your behaviours, you are more likely to be able to modify them!

What do you do in this challenge?

You will complete weekly challenges and tasks to give you ongoing motivation and learn about your personal triggers.

We will address:

  • Expectations
  • Eating behaviours
  • Stress
  • Dealing with Family
  • Social Situations

Throughout the challenge, you will stick to the original meal plans but you will be asked to take turns coming up with recipes to share with each other.

Like the first 10 Week Challenge, participation is the key to success - get involved with the support group and cement those newly formed healthy habits.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Elora's Success Story

Elora's Success Story

Elora has been so successful at achieving her goal, she has recently become a spokeswoman for Simple Tasty Nutrition – Read more about her ongoing journey below, or even better – meet her in person at the Simple Tasty Nutrition Seminars starting in Christchurch January 2014!


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Nutrition Seminar Reviews

Nutrition Seminar Reviews

Morag from Christchurch attended the January 2014 Seminar:

“If you are wanting to change your way of living and to become healthier. Go to this seminar. This has changed my life and results are happening for the first time EVER”

Rebecca from Auckland, May 2014:

“I attended the Auckland Paleo seminar. After having already had some sessions one on one with Sara, I was excited to meet her in person and be in a room with like minded people. The information Sara provided in the seminar was great for anyone just starting out on the Paleo lifestyle or for someone like me who just needed to have the information I already had, cemented more firmly. It was great to be able to ask questions as they came up and get a ‘real time’ answer, also hearing questions from other people around things I had never even thought of! Sara is down to earth and ‘real’, she really knows her stuff and also understands the reality and pressures of life. Hearing about Elora’s weight loss was inspiring! I came away feeling more motivated and determined. Definitely worth every cent!!”

Lindi from Wellington, June 2014: 

“Thanks for the informative and inspiring seminar, I walked out ready to make this change happen”

Jackie from Wellington, June 2014:

"Since your seminar, I have lost 3 kilos in 3 weeks, including the week before my period - which is normally a write off weight loss wise!! And it has been easy as, with absolutely no feelings of deprivation at all." 

Iona from Christchurch, September 2014:

"I went to the Christchurch Seminar last night (a friend won two tickets) WOW! Brilliant and although I had already started eating whole unprocessed foods and eliminating refined sugar (for two weeks) after watching Nigel Latta's documentary on sugar; it was great to further educate myself on eating better and to have a better relationship with food. I have been a struggling/failing dieter for the past 20+ years and have probably done just about every 'diet' on the market and have probably spent over $1000+ on plans that just don't work in the long run. I have found over the last two weeks a reduction in abdominal bloating and increased satiety. I look forward to getting back to a healthy weight. Thank you Sara and Elora :)"


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Tracy and Stephen's Story

Tracy and Stephen's Story

“It has been fantastic, loved it, and it was easy. 

Both Stephen and I have really enjoyed it, it has challenged our thinking about traditional food guidelines and recommendations, helped us become more organised and I feel that my weight loss goals are achievable, it just doesn’t seem that daunting or overwhelming now."

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