Meet Sara

Your coach is Behavioural Nutritionist, Sara Evans. With a background in psychology, nutrition and the fitness industry, she has extensive experience motivating people to improve their health.

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I’m Sara – the Simple Tasty Nutritionist.

I have a young family so I know what it’s like to have little time. That’s why my approach with you will focus on small, manageable action steps to transform your life and happiness. I don’t believe in going on a diet or over-complicating things. I will show you how by making smart food choices 80-90% of the time you will improve all areas of your health and well-being. I will help you establish realistic and achievable goals and give you the tools to make them real.

I believe that through good nutrition you can change your life for the better – whether to lose weight, look and feel better or simply improve your mental and physical health!

Family is important and always comes first for me. I guarantee that by changing your own and your families’ nutrition, you WILL make significant improvements in your family dynamics and health.


I believe that communication is key for your success. This is why I offer personal one on one email support with all of my clients outside of our consults. I care about your results and want to see your success! This means I'm always just an email away.


• GCertScTech – Human Nutrition
• Primal Blueprint Certified Expert
• MEd (Distinction)
• BSc Psychology
• Qualified Personal Trainer


Meeting with my clients is an added way to ensure your success. Whilst I do offer online services, I also offer in-person and face to face consults. My aim is to make my clients feel comfortable in any environment so they feel both informed and confident about achieving their goals.