I have been fortunate to have clients from all walks of life, allow me into their homes to help change their nutrition and lifestyle. Here are a few of the results we have been able to achieve, and what some of my wonderful clients have to say!


Sara is amazing! Her one size does NOT fit all approach is magic. Sara goes out of her way looking for answers for each individual, being supportive and positive along the way. Her approach is easy and breaks things down into baby steps, so that everyone can understand get what they need. There is no, 'here is the manual, read it and be on your way. And if you don't see XYZ result its you are doing it wrong' when dealing with Sara. Simple Tasty Nutrition is a great place to start if you are only delving into Paleo or if you already have a good grasp of the concept and just need further guidance. Sara also has a great understanding of all the elements that go into being healthy, not just the food side of things, but also emotional and physical. I have never come across anyone who has so tirelessly tried to help me find the answers I need, and if she didn't have it, she went looking. You will never regret going down this path, the support is second to none. Much love



"Bloody love this woman already! My consultation was super informative, in depth, interesting and positive - we looked at things in my life that I hadn't even thought about contributing to my health + stress levels. Definitely looking forward to the 10 week challenge and my health journey. "

Simple Tasty Nutrition


I can honestly say this has changed my life. I managed to lose 13.5kgs in 10weeks and am feeling so much better physically and mentally. The menus help keep you organized as you know what your having each day and the recipes are so easy to prepare and yummy. If you are looking to become healthier then please give this a go. I truly couldn’t recommend this enough.