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Long Haul Flights - What Do I Eat!?

Back in 2015 when I wrote this blog post, we had recently travelled from Christchurch, New Zealand to London on Singapore Airlines. We eat a 90% Paleo/Processed Food Free diet at home therefore on a long-haul flight with two children under 6, we thought it was essential to stick to our normal food choices as much as possible. The last thing you need when you are on a plane for 24 hours is for your food choices to make you feel worse! Spending 24 hours on a plane with two little people is bad enough without having to feed them the standard airplane food - knowing they simply won't eat it and would end up super grumpy!The first thing I...

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Understanding Food Labels

It’s super important to be able to read and understand the labels on food so we can make an educated decision on how the food will impact our health. Here is my guide to understanding the carbohydrate content of food. When I work will clients, the aim is always to keep their blood sugars as stable as possible. This can be a difficult challenge because there are many things that influence how YOUR body deals with blood sugars. However what we do know is that poor blood sugar control results in common health conditions including: Metabolic syndrome Cardiovascular Disease Lethargy and Adrenal Fatigue Type 2 Diabetes PCOS Brain fogginess and inability to focus Weight gain, fat storage, difficulty losing weight...

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Alcohol - Can It Be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle?

Most of us love an alcoholic  drink every now and then. Whether it’s a glass of wine at night with dinner, a beer at the pub with friend or a cold cider on a sunny day - alcohol is part of our lives. But sometimes we find it hard to stop at one and what effect is this having on our body and health?   Alcohol is TOUGH on Your LiverThe liver is an amazing organ that has hundreds of essential roles to play in the body, so we want to keep it in tip top shape. One of the liver’s major jobs is detoxification of unwanted substances that enter the body. That includes alcohol. The liver is the only...

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